Weekend Recall: Max Level Golf Shadow


It was nice to have a normal Saturday/Sunday weekend instead of the Friday/Sunday weekends that I get scheduled for at work.

Saturday I played World of Warcraft and leveled my first character to 100. Misfight the Undead Rogue is strutting around all proud of himself because he is at level cap and doing pretty decent damage. I am kinda bummed out that I was able to hit level cap so fast, but I still have quests to complete so I can unlock garrison stuff and gear.

I am probably not going to subscribe to WoW that much longer. The content is entertaining, but now that I have seen it there isn’t much to keep me around. The garrison is a great addition, but Blizzard has already stated that it is a feature that will not carry over into the next expansion. I am also disappointed that fans of the game had to wait so long for content to be added to the game. Not only is leveling through the content fast, but the game has bugs and glitches that should have been taken care of especially with all the time they had to have the game tested.


Saturday afternoon I went the golf range. My swing wasn’t bad, but I have gotten out of shape because I sit at a desk answering phone calls all day at work. My lower back is still hurting me today. I have chosen to start cross training by walking, rowing and stretching. I am also going to ask if the company will provide a standing desk extender.

Sunday I started getting into the Shadow of Revan content. I like the solo flashpoint option and the nice gear upgrades. SWTOR now feels a lot like Knights of the Old Republic because I am able to experience the content by myself. I like being in a guild and questing/dungeoning with people, but when I don’t have time it’s nice to login and get things done.



Weekend Recall: World Thunder Bounty Hunter Trek


The weekend was eventful to say the least.


Saturday morning I woke up with the goal of taking advantage of my limited free game time to take screenshots of my characters. I wanted to have some record of my characters for future reference because I was determined not to play World of Warcraft in the foreseeable future.

A long time friend who has stayed faithful to WoW, despite joining me for Guild Wars 2 for a couple of months, logged in and asked me if I wanted to group up for some raid finder stuff. I explained that I just wanted to take screenshots and complete the Iron Horde Invasion event on my main characters for the achievement and epic trinket. We continued to chat when I decided to quest on the lowest level character I had on the server.

Zinistara the Blood Elf Warlock has been level 10 since the Cataclysm expansion because I stopped playing shortly after the expansion launched. When I did eventually get the Mists of Pandaria expansion I spent all my time playing my highest level characters and leveling an Alliance monk. I have also had a problem with the warlock class when leveling because I don’t like pet management classes.

Maybe it was the item squish or something else, but I started having fun playing the warlock. Then I asked my friend how the boosted character system worked… my brain at this point already made the decision to purchase the expansion so I could boost my warlock. Sixty-five bucks later I had a boosted warlock, the pre-purchase to Warlords of Draenor and a month of subscription time.

I totally blamed my friend as a joke, but I had fun playing a class I never really liked before. If Warlords is entertaining and continues to be fun I look forward to playing all of my other alternate characters at least for a while.


War Thunder celebrated a 2 year anniversary with a free airplane if you scored five kills in a single match. I was able to accomplish this feat by flying my Japanese planes which are tier one. Sorry to those other pilots I sent down in flames.


With only one more month until the release of the Shadow of Revan expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic. I have had to face the reality that I won’t be able to max out all of my characters. I am going to play each class for each faction so I can experience the class story. Besides if I don’t have other characters to level then I won’t have anything to do later after the expansion launches.

This past weekend I played Surjon the Bounty Hunter. Being a healer it is nice to mix up the questing with relatively quick flash point groups. The story is interesting so far and I am playing the character as a tough guy with good heart who only tolerates the Empire as long as the pay is good.


If you play Star Trek Online and have some extra spending money, Cryptic is selling lifetime subscriptions for only $200. I spent some of my Christmas funds a bit early on an early gift for myself. Now I get to play a captain as a liberated Borg which is really cool because I have been thinking up a back story for a Borg captain. STO is a game I am constantly returning to because I really do like the space battles and Bridge Officer and Duty Officer systems.

Bump Day: Travel Without Portals


As I shared in my last Weekend Recall, Blizzard has given me a week of free game time. I am grateful for the game time as it coincides with the release of patch 6.0.2 The Iron Tide. So I get to experience the changes to the game including the item squish, character model updates and the Iron Horde incursion world event.

When I initially logged into my main character the Tauren Warrior named Beefyshield I was greeted with a quest to travel to the Blasted Lands to battle the Iron Horde. The quest directed me to travel to Orgrimmar to take a portal to the Blasted Lands. Why do I need to take another portal?  One of the problems I have with WoW is that characters don’t have to travel the world anymore because Blizzard is thinking with portals.


I have played enough WoW to know where the Blasted Lands are and how to travel there. Instead of taking the portal directly to the Blasted Lands I took the zeppelin from Orgrimaar to Undercity and then rode the giant bat taxi to the Swamp of Sorrows. From there it was a short flight on my nether drake to turn in the initial quest for the Iron Horde event.

It wasn’t that hard for me to travel on my own. I did have to spend a little bit of gold and the time it took on the bat taxi, but I enjoyed flying over zones I haven’t seen in years. What is wrong with requiring players to travel using the taxis, zeppelins, boats, riding mounts and on foot?


When a player uses a portal in WoW they miss out on one of the signature features of the game; the ability to travel through multiple zones without loading screens or separate instances. On my trip from Undercity to the Blasted Lands my character traveled through 10 different zones without a loading screen. That is simply amazing if you think about it.

If you are a veteran of WoW playing the game right now do yourself a favor and take the taxis or use your ground mount to travel around Azeroth. I think you might just find yourself in awe of the game again.

Weekend Recall: Imperial Tauren Thunder


In SWTOR news; Imperial Agent On’mitsu reached level 53 and I completed the class story quests. No spoilers, but I will say that the overall story is good with the ending being a bit anti-climactic. I think I am going to mix it up over the next month and try to get as many of my alternate characters leveled as much as I can.


Thank you Blizzard for the week of free game time. It is nice being able to visit my characters in WoW. I did spend some time questing and checking out the changes such as the item squish. The game looks good and I like how my Tauren Warrior Beefyshield turned out after the updates to the character models.


I also spent some time flying British planes in War Thunder. Even though they have tanks in the game I prefer being up in the air. It is scratching my WW2 game itch for the moment, but I think I am going to play the Brothers In Arms series for my annual classic game play-through. Last year I played Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas back-to-back.