Weekend Recall: StarMade


I never got into Minecraft at all. Perhaps it was due to the fact that I only played the browser demo that did not have a save feature. But, the premise of sandbox building games has always interested me. I have always enjoyed creating levels for first-person-shooters like Counterstrike, Day of Defeat and Medal of Honor.

Community created content gives longevity to a game. So I am very excited to watch the development of Landmark which is supposed to have a huge impact on EverQuest Next. But I am off topic.

I have been keeping my eye on two Steam games: Kerbal Space Program and Space Engineers. Even with the Christmas discounts I wasn’t ready to buy just yet. Sunday morning I was yet again checking out the Steam sales and discovered StarMade. The game is still in Alpha, but the lack of complexity that exist in KSP and SE and the $9.99 price tag were too good to pass up.

The game is all about creating space ships, exploring (planets, derelict space ships, and space stations), crafting, and fighting (pirate AI or PvP). It is so addictive it is the only game I played on Sunday until 1:00 am Monday morning. I even purchased Space Engineers so I can see what is different between the two games.

I will do a more comprehensive write up later this week. Visit the StarMade website or check it out on Steam. In the meantime enjoy this video.


Weekend Recall: Max Level Golf Shadow


It was nice to have a normal Saturday/Sunday weekend instead of the Friday/Sunday weekends that I get scheduled for at work.

Saturday I played World of Warcraft and leveled my first character to 100. Misfight the Undead Rogue is strutting around all proud of himself because he is at level cap and doing pretty decent damage. I am kinda bummed out that I was able to hit level cap so fast, but I still have quests to complete so I can unlock garrison stuff and gear.

I am probably not going to subscribe to WoW that much longer. The content is entertaining, but now that I have seen it there isn’t much to keep me around. The garrison is a great addition, but Blizzard has already stated that it is a feature that will not carry over into the next expansion. I am also disappointed that fans of the game had to wait so long for content to be added to the game. Not only is leveling through the content fast, but the game has bugs and glitches that should have been taken care of especially with all the time they had to have the game tested.


Saturday afternoon I went the golf range. My swing wasn’t bad, but I have gotten out of shape because I sit at a desk answering phone calls all day at work. My lower back is still hurting me today. I have chosen to start cross training by walking, rowing and stretching. I am also going to ask if the company will provide a standing desk extender.

Sunday I started getting into the Shadow of Revan content. I like the solo flashpoint option and the nice gear upgrades. SWTOR now feels a lot like Knights of the Old Republic because I am able to experience the content by myself. I like being in a guild and questing/dungeoning with people, but when I don’t have time it’s nice to login and get things done.


Weekend Recall: Star Wars


I spent all of my free time playing Star Wars: The Old Republic and watching the teaser trailer for Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens.


With the aid of the 12% experience boost I was able to get a few more classes to level 55 in SWTOR. On the Imperial side I have a Sith warrior: juggernaut, Imperial agent: sniper, Bounty hunter: mercenary, and Sith inquisitor: assassin. I added a Jedi knight: guardian alongside the Smuggler: gunslinger on the Republic side. Hopefully the experience boost will return as a legacy perk, but in the meantime I have enough characters to enjoy battling Revan in the upcoming expansion.


The teaser trailer for Star Wars Episode VII came out on Friday. If you happened to miss it I have included it here.

Weekend Recall: World of Dishonored Battlefield Wars


This past weekend was chock full of gaming. So much so that I am actually tired on a Monday and I have no screenshots prepared.

Friday night I played SW:TOR and leveled Bel’anjel the Sith Inquisitor Assassin to 48. When I returned to ship I noticed the Makeb planet quest line opened up for her which is fine by me because I was having a tough time getting through the fights on Voss and Corellia. I was falling asleep so I went to bed and didn’t get back to her until Sunday.

On Sunday I ended up changing her specialization from damage dealer to tanking. Now I can survive the fights and practice the tanking rotation. The Makeb GSI bolster makes things easier and faster not in a bad way either. It is nice for those of us who end up playing solo more often than not. When I logged off, Bel’anjel was level 53. This weekend I will finish leveling her and get to working on a healer.

Warlords of Draenor dominated my Saturday. I focused on Misfight the Undead Rogue. Let me say that I feel that the leveling is going very fast. I am doing every quest and elite boss that I can find so I am experiencing all of the new content. But leveling from 93 to 97 in a day seems ridiculous. Considering that the end game is almost non-existent at this point I will have nothing to do when I max out.

Before going to bed on Saturday I setup some games to download overnight from Steam. Dishonored was one of those games I picked up during the summer sale that has just sat there beckoning to me. I ended up playing Dishonored for most of the day on Sunday. It was a great escape into a unique world where I can sneak around looking in every nook and cranny for goodies.

I wanted to play some Battlefield 4, but there was an issue with their login servers so I went back to Dishonored and got to the big story plot twist before I had to get to bed so I wouldn’t fall asleep at work.