Thank you for visiting Away From Game a blog about the video games we play.

I am a Christian, gamer, computer geek, writer and musician.

My alias Lonegun comes from the trio of geeks known as the Lone Gunmen in the X-Files.

I was given an Atari 2600 for my 10th birthday and I have been a video gamer ever since then. Through the years I could be found playing all kinds of coin-op video games at the local arcade spending a small fortune one quarter at a time. I had to program the first PC game I ever played into BASIC from the back of a computer enthusiast magazine. It was a simple game in which the arrow keys “steered” a car around a racetrack.

Since those early years I have had seen the technology progress to what we have today. It is amazing what video games have become and the impact they have on our lives. Video games are more social than they have ever been before. I write with the hope I can be a positive influence to the gamers who read my blog.


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