Weekend Recall: StarMade


I never got into Minecraft at all. Perhaps it was due to the fact that I only played the browser demo that did not have a save feature. But, the premise of sandbox building games has always interested me. I have always enjoyed creating levels for first-person-shooters like Counterstrike, Day of Defeat and Medal of Honor.

Community created content gives longevity to a game. So I am very excited to watch the development of Landmark which is supposed to have a huge impact on EverQuest Next. But I am off topic.

I have been keeping my eye on two Steam games: Kerbal Space Program and Space Engineers. Even with the Christmas discounts I wasn’t ready to buy just yet. Sunday morning I was yet again checking out the Steam sales and discovered StarMade. The game is still in Alpha, but the lack of complexity that exist in KSP and SE and the $9.99 price tag were too good to pass up.

The game is all about creating space ships, exploring (planets, derelict space ships, and space stations), crafting, and fighting (pirate AI or PvP). It is so addictive it is the only game I played on Sunday until 1:00 am Monday morning. I even purchased Space Engineers so I can see what is different between the two games.

I will do a more comprehensive write up later this week. Visit the StarMade website or check it out on Steam. In the meantime enjoy this video.


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