Bump Day: Thanksgiving


However you plan to spend the day, I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving day.

This year I am thankful that things in life can get better. I am one of the unfortunate Americans who was without a regular job for the last couple of years. Six months ago I took the opportunity to move to Austin, TX. One month after arriving I was hired by a great company in a position where I get to use my knowledge in computers and youth ministry.

It was easy for me to be paralyzed by the worries and doubts that came to my mind because I could not find a job. But I have a loving family and good friends who encouraged and supported me as I tried to get back on my feet. I am grateful that I am now in a position to repay the love and kindness that was shown to me.

The other thing that helped me persevere was that I volunteered my free time at a local church. I not only invested into other people, but other people invested time with me. I was able to help at summer camps and even got to travel to Idaho to learn about leadership.

I couldn’t change my situation, but I was always in control of my attitude. If you are going through something similar right now let me encourage you to take the time to find something to be thankful for and begin to change the outlook on your situation.


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