Weekend Recall: Nothing But The Old Republic


I was on an MMO mission this past weekend. With the launch of Warlords of Draenor this week I was focused like a laser. I spent all of my gaming time playing Star War: The Old Republic.

I got two more characters to level 55. On’mitsu the Imperial Agent and Joshamee the Smuggler joined Ferrumarx the Sith Juggernaut at level cap. I barely started questing on Oricon before I decided to get onto other things.

As far as lower level characters I only played my healers; Surjon the Bounty Hunter and Relaeh the Republic Commando. I have enough high level characters available for when the expansion launches in December so any lower level characters that can take advantage of the 12% xp bonus right now is a welcome gift.

I kind of hope that the experience bonus is something that they implement in some way permanently for subscribers. Next week I am sure I will have more to say about World of Warcraft.


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