Weekend Recall: World Thunder Bounty Hunter Trek


The weekend was eventful to say the least.


Saturday morning I woke up with the goal of taking advantage of my limited free game time to take screenshots of my characters. I wanted to have some record of my characters for future reference because I was determined not to play World of Warcraft in the foreseeable future.

A long time friend who has stayed faithful to WoW, despite joining me for Guild Wars 2 for a couple of months, logged in and asked me if I wanted to group up for some raid finder stuff. I explained that I just wanted to take screenshots and complete the Iron Horde Invasion event on my main characters for the achievement and epic trinket. We continued to chat when I decided to quest on the lowest level character I had on the server.

Zinistara the Blood Elf Warlock has been level 10 since the Cataclysm expansion because I stopped playing shortly after the expansion launched. When I did eventually get the Mists of Pandaria expansion I spent all my time playing my highest level characters and leveling an Alliance monk. I have also had a problem with the warlock class when leveling because I don’t like pet management classes.

Maybe it was the item squish or something else, but I started having fun playing the warlock. Then I asked my friend how the boosted character system worked… my brain at this point already made the decision to purchase the expansion so I could boost my warlock. Sixty-five bucks later I had a boosted warlock, the pre-purchase to Warlords of Draenor and a month of subscription time.

I totally blamed my friend as a joke, but I had fun playing a class I never really liked before. If Warlords is entertaining and continues to be fun I look forward to playing all of my other alternate characters at least for a while.


War Thunder celebrated a 2 year anniversary with a free airplane if you scored five kills in a single match. I was able to accomplish this feat by flying my Japanese planes which are tier one. Sorry to those other pilots I sent down in flames.


With only one more month until the release of the Shadow of Revan expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic. I have had to face the reality that I won’t be able to max out all of my characters. I am going to play each class for each faction so I can experience the class story. Besides if I don’t have other characters to level then I won’t have anything to do later after the expansion launches.

This past weekend I played Surjon the Bounty Hunter. Being a healer it is nice to mix up the questing with relatively quick flash point groups. The story is interesting so far and I am playing the character as a tough guy with good heart who only tolerates the Empire as long as the pay is good.


If you play Star Trek Online and have some extra spending money, Cryptic is selling lifetime subscriptions for only $200. I spent some of my Christmas funds a bit early on an early gift for myself. Now I get to play a captain as a liberated Borg which is really cool because I have been thinking up a back story for a Borg captain. STO is a game I am constantly returning to because I really do like the space battles and Bridge Officer and Duty Officer systems.


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