Bump Day: Travel Without Portals


As I shared in my last Weekend Recall, Blizzard has given me a week of free game time. I am grateful for the game time as it coincides with the release of patch 6.0.2 The Iron Tide. So I get to experience the changes to the game including the item squish, character model updates and the Iron Horde incursion world event.

When I initially logged into my main character the Tauren Warrior named Beefyshield I was greeted with a quest to travel to the Blasted Lands to battle the Iron Horde. The quest directed me to travel to Orgrimmar to take a portal to the Blasted Lands. Why do I need to take another portal?  One of the problems I have with WoW is that characters don’t have to travel the world anymore because Blizzard is thinking with portals.


I have played enough WoW to know where the Blasted Lands are and how to travel there. Instead of taking the portal directly to the Blasted Lands I took the zeppelin from Orgrimaar to Undercity and then rode the giant bat taxi to the Swamp of Sorrows. From there it was a short flight on my nether drake to turn in the initial quest for the Iron Horde event.

It wasn’t that hard for me to travel on my own. I did have to spend a little bit of gold and the time it took on the bat taxi, but I enjoyed flying over zones I haven’t seen in years. What is wrong with requiring players to travel using the taxis, zeppelins, boats, riding mounts and on foot?


When a player uses a portal in WoW they miss out on one of the signature features of the game; the ability to travel through multiple zones without loading screens or separate instances. On my trip from Undercity to the Blasted Lands my character traveled through 10 different zones without a loading screen. That is simply amazing if you think about it.

If you are a veteran of WoW playing the game right now do yourself a favor and take the taxis or use your ground mount to travel around Azeroth. I think you might just find yourself in awe of the game again.


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