Weekend Recall: Imperial Tauren Thunder


In SWTOR news; Imperial Agent On’mitsu reached level 53 and I completed the class story quests. No spoilers, but I will say that the overall story is good with the ending being a bit anti-climactic. I think I am going to mix it up over the next month and try to get as many of my alternate characters leveled as much as I can.


Thank you Blizzard for the week of free game time. It is nice being able to visit my characters in WoW. I did spend some time questing and checking out the changes such as the item squish. The game looks good and I like how my Tauren Warrior Beefyshield turned out after the updates to the character models.


I also spent some time flying British planes in War Thunder. Even though they have tanks in the game I prefer being up in the air. It is scratching my WW2 game itch for the moment, but I think I am going to play the Brothers In Arms series for my annual classic game play-through. Last year I played Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas back-to-back.


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