Bump Day: Snacks


With the Star Wars: The Old Republic pre-order experience boost in full effect I am spending a majority of my gaming time leveling characters. I noticed that I have started getting into the habit of getting snacks prepared in advanced so I don’t have to leave the computer. It is a pain in the rear to leave the computer thinking that my character is in a safe spot just to return and find a wampa stomping on the corpse of my character.

Sixlets by SweetWorks

I am eating pretzel sticks with hummus, carrots, celery with cream cheese and lots of water. Once in a while I will drive down to the corner store and get a root beer and a couple of packs of Sixlets. It’s not that I purposely try to eat healthy, but my fridge is stocked with healthy food so when I am too lazy to go out I end up eating healthier than if I go to the store.


One thought on “Bump Day: Snacks

  1. Mmm that sounds really good and definitely better than my recent noshing choices while the new xpac is out for Rift. Prior to the launch of Rift’s new release, I was on Star Wars leveling my Trooper. Too many games, so little time.

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