Weekend Recall: Titanfall Republic Secret Thunder


I was scheduled to work on Saturday which is fine because I got Friday off. I had downloaded Titanfall via Origin overnight on Thursday so I worked through the tutorial and played one match of whatever it is they call team deathmatch. It certainly is unique with crazy booster rocket parkour moves and the titans. I look forward to spending more time in game discovering the unlock-able equipment.


During the later half of my Friday I re-subbed and pre-purchased the expansion for Star Wars the Old Republic: Shadow of Revan. I normally don’t pre-purchase anything because I hate spending my money for nothing in return, but the 12% experience boost for class only missions is just too hard to pass up. This will allow me to level all of my alternate characters and play through the other class story lines. I am focusing on leveling my Imperial Agent On’mitsu and Jedi Guardian Taarge. The awesome thing is seeing how active my server has become (Harbinger). On Sunday the Imperial guild I am a part of encouraged me to gear up my only level 55 character, the Sith Juggernaut Ferrumarx, to run operations. So I have also added dailies on Oricon and hard-mode flashpoints to my list of things to do in SWtoR.


Saturday evening when I got home from work I logged into Steam with the intention of playing The Secret World to take advantage of the double AP boost, but I decided to play one or two missions in War Thunder and ended up spending a couple of hours downloading the latest patch of the game. Why War Thunder doesn’t use the Steam background download is a mystery to me. I had enough time to play one flight mission in arcade mode which was fun, but a bit frustrating because they changed the flight models without noting it anywhere in the patch notes.

When I finally got into The Secret World I decided to literally cut my way through some side missions I kept running past. The bonus AP is nice and it allowed me to unlock some passive abilities to help me survive against stronger monsters.

When I play video games I need someone sitting next to me ready to take screenshots when cool stuff happens in the game.


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