Weekend Recall: Battlefield Kingsmouth


This past weekend I continue to figure out what games to focus on with my weekly limited gameplay time. I need some games that will allow me to have fun at an hour or so at a time. Battlefield 4 satisfies my first-person-shooter thirst mostly because because there are vehicles and a nice progression system. I did download Planetside 2, but I prefer games with a bit more tactics and not so much zerging around dying a lot. I also picked up Titanfall because it was on sale from Origin. I will download it next weekend and give it a spin.
Trying to pick out an MMO or two or three to play throughout the week is a harder decision. I did start a new Templar in The Secret World, Joshamee “Rumglass” Gibbs has been in Kingsmouth for a while now hacking and slashing his way through zombies and sea monsters. I really want to get through TSW, but I am kinda bummed at some of the gameplay decisions like having to focus on using survival builds because I will be soloing a lot. That limits the weapons I can start off with and the abilities I can use if I want to stay alive long enough to survive the fights I am going to face. That is why I finally gave up on my other Templar because I prefer to tank, but the suggested tank build wasn’t very useful when I got to the Savage Coast. Hopefully “Rumglass” will do better starting off with swords and pistols.


2 thoughts on “Weekend Recall: Battlefield Kingsmouth

  1. Sword and pistols is a well-rounded set of weapons, but be sure to pick up the Lick Your Wounds passive from fists for a bit of health regen. I have a protips page that may be of value if you’re new to TSW. Nothing about specific builds, just some general advice.

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