Real Life: October 2014 Update


It has been a long time since my last update. The biggest news is that I am now a resident of the state of Texas. I made the move over the Summer in order to find work and it wasn’t long before I landed a job that is providing more than enough for my needs. In fact I was able to build a new gaming PC and I now am able to fully enjoy my favorite games the way they are meant to be played with the graphics turned up to 11.

As far as games, I am like a kid in a candy store downloading every MMO I have any characters in and seeing how the game looks and plays. Because work limits my play time during the week I am faced with the tough choice of deciding on which games to focus on. I did find a nice casual guild in Lord of the Rings Online and the game does lend itself to quick quests (not counting deed grinds) and it is one of the few MMOs in which I don’t have a max level character. I also picked up Battlefield 4 and I am having a blast learning the multiplayer maps and leveling up the loadouts. Before I got into MMOs I played nothing but FPS games so it is nice that we now have games that combine the two genres.

I am going to have write more about this later, because of my move I find myself leaning on my online acquaintances as friends. Socially it is probably not healthy, but I wonder how many gamers are actually very lonely and gaming online simulates friendship in their lives.

Computer parts list for those who want to know:
AMD A10-7850K 3.7 GHz Quad-Core Processor APU
Patriot Viper 8GB DDR3 2133MHz
Thermaltake NiC L32 CPU Cooler
Wester Digital 2GB Hard Drive
Windows 8.1

I recycled a 500 Watt PSU and case from a previous build.
I am probably going to add a Radeon R7 250 in the future.


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