Zone Chat: What I am Doing in February


I have started so many posts only to leave them in draft form. But I need to get back to writing as well as gaming so here I go. Just to catch you up, I have re-subscribed to both World of Warcraft and Star Trek Online. Mists of Pandaria has turned out to be a great expansion for WoW and I am even leveling alternate characters I thought I would never play. Even though I would not normally subscribe to two MMOs at the same time, I wanted to take advantage of STO’s anniversary event and also max level two characters so I earn the subscriber perks when reaching max level. Now I have to make a note to update my Adventurers page so you can all see who I am playing.

I have also been getting back to reading thanks to the great selection of books at the Goodwill store. I picked up “Ender’s Game”, “Servant of the Shard” and “EVE:The Empyrean Age”. At the time of this post I have yet to start “EVE:The Empyrean Age”, but I have finished the other two books. “Ender’s Game” did not turn out to be the great piece of sci-fi that others had hyped it to be, but it was entertaining and it is easy to see how the underlying premises have impacted sci-fi and video games. R.A. Salvatore has become a favorite author of mine and maybe it is because I have become a fan of D&D not through the roleplaying game, but through the Neverwinter Nights video game. When reading fantasy books I am reminded how much I like the MMOs I play.

On the console front I have finished my annual play-through of both Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas. I noticed that between the two games New Vegas is darker and many of the side story lines are depressing. But that goes to show how well video games can not only tell a story, but immerse the audience into a world in a way that television and movies are not able.


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