Bump Day: Control


Looking forward to the weekend…

DC Universe Online released the awesomely named update, Game Update 31. The update contains improvements to the game in preparation for the launch of the Playstation 4. There are technical changes, graphics improvements and smoother character progression. There is a producer letter posted on the official website that contains more juicy details.

I am currently waiting for DCUO to finish installing game update 31 on my PS3, which apparently will also benefit from the improvements made to the game. DCUO is the only MMO that I do not play on my laptop and it works really well with the PS3 controller. The only drawback to the game is communicating via written chat, but voice chat works great in group instances and raids. Of course the PS3 is compatible with both USB and bluetooth keyboards, but it is a nice change of pace from other MMOs in that the chat window can essentially be ignored.

It is very comfortable to play DCUO with the PS3 controller which got me thinking about input devices in MMOs. Action MMOs like TERA are developed to work with a controller and even traditional MMOs allow for alternate forms of input. Even with those options I still have a bias towards the keyboard and mouse when I sit down at my computer to play an MMO. Of course not all of the MMOs I play are limited to just the keyboard and mouse.

Sitting next to my computer is a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro flightstick. I had to dig it out of my computer equipment storage box because I started playing War Thunder which is a really solid flight simulator although the arcade mode uses the mouse and keyboard for combat. The last game I used a flightstick with any regularity was Star Wars: X-wing Alliance because it was easier for me to play the game. It has been years since there has been a a need to own a flightstick, but with games like War Thunder and World of Planes owning a flightstick enhances the game experience.

Do alternate input devices belong in MMOs?

What kind of input device would enhance the experience of your favorite MMO?


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