Bump Day: Warhammer Online


Looking forward to the weekend…

The word on the street is that Warhammer Online will be shutting down December 18th. It is unfortunate when any MMO game has been given the axe, but anyone who has an account in good standing prior to October 31st may now play for free. I never did play Warhammer Online, but I did find an email confirming my application for the beta test.

I have always been a fan of concept art created for video games and movies. Warhammer Online has some interesting illustrations and images to view and download. Unfortunately the links to the fan-site kits are already broken so you may want to head over to the official Warhammer Online website before the whole thing disappears. Links to the art can be found here.

The Warhammer Online main menu theme should inspire you to make it to the weekend.


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