Weekend Recall: Post Apocalyptic


A couple of weeks ago my girlfriend informed me I had my own Netflix user profile so I would not mess up her movie recommendations. It is not my fault if Netflix goes crazy trying to recommend movies based on her ABC family shows and my sci-fi movies. This was fine by me anyway because I will be able to track my own favorite movies.

Friday evening I stayed up later than usual and watched The Road. Which if you have never seen the movie or read the book, is about a father and son journeying through a post-apocalyptic wasteland to the sea. The movie was interesting in that I think it portrayed the real emotions people in that situation would experience. It also made me want to play Fallout or Fallen Earth.

I am glad that the post-apocalyptic games I play are populated, unlike the world portrayed in The Road which has no civilizations and everyone is out for themselves especially if you are a cannibal. Games need to be populated in order to give players a destination and an expectation that there is something waiting for them at the end of the journey. The characters in The Road are on a journey where they do not know what is waiting for them at the sea or over the next hill for that matter and in fact the father has taught his son that they are “carrying the fire”.

There are moments in Fallen Earth when my character has to travel far away from town on a quest and in those moments I can imagine losing hope being all alone surrounded by death. So much of Fallout is played alone that I really do appreciate having the radio stations to tune into through the Pip-Boy 3000. But maintaining a character throughout that kind of world is an interesting venture. I tend to make decisions, as the son says in The Road, as one of the “good guys” looking out for other and myself. But it is possible to understand how someone might choose to look out for themselves no matter the consequences.

What do you like about post-apocalyptic games? Do your characters have an alignment you stick with or do you change it up depending on the situation?

If you do not know what an alignment is check out: Alignment (Dungeons & Dragons)


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