Bump Day: The Important Things


Looking forward to the weekend…

I have a passion for video games, in fact, it is my main form of entertainment. Although I like to spend long periods of time on my weekends fully immersed in a game, I know how important it is to spend time with people. Nothing is more important than spending time with people I love and who love me in return. This weekend I get to celebrate my girlfriend’s birthday and spend some quality time with some friends from my church.

I am ashamed to admit that there have been periods of time in my life that I would neglect family and friends in order to play a video game. I justified neglecting close relationships because I convinced myself that I was not playing the game alone and that the people I chatted with on Ventrilo were my friends. Out of the hundreds if not thousands of people I have met through various video games I am only in contact with two. I am not saying that friendships cannot be created through playing a video game, but if someone is neglecting the relationships they have in real life then that is a problem. I should know, when I was struggling with depression all I did was play video games. Eventually I learned that I needed the people who were already a part of my life to support me and help me.

Just as I can not wait to make a birthday dinner for my girlfriend and spend time with her, I encourage you to spend time with someone close to you. Perhaps you have a parent who would not mind going out for ice cream, a sibling who could use a good talk, a spouse who needs a break from chores, a classmate who needs a friend, a neighbor who needs help with the lawn, a co-worker in need of a babysitter… video games are great fun, but it is very important not to ignore the important things.


3 thoughts on “Bump Day: The Important Things

  1. Awwws. 🙂

    It’s an important thing you say here, and courageous of you to tell us about it! I think most MMO players have had times of which they later thought “maybe I was a bit too absorbed by the game back then”. I know I was at some points, when I was living alone and didn’t have enough energy left over to meet with other people during the week. The important part is the moment of realization.

    Have fun this weekend!

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