Weekend Recall


This past weekend I got into Star Trek Online in a big way. I had created a Klingon captain named W’rayth sometime back after STO had gone free-to-play and decided to play through the story missions to experience the game from a different angle. I had no obligations Friday evening and Saturday so I was able to have two long gaming sessions that I rarely get these days. Saturday morning Captain W’rayth was at level 32 and then I experienced MMO time travel and when I realized it was time to go to bed the good Captain had reached level 47, three levels shy of max. My fleet mates were surprised I leveled so quickly, but I enjoyed every minute of gameplay and there will be a lot more to do when I reach level 50.

I also had a lot of great feedback on my latest The Rant article. In the article I stated that, “people who are, “bored with the slog of leveling” are not true MMO gamers.” First of all I want to make it clear I made that statement out of frustration and that I could have chosen better words. Secondly who determines what makes a true MMO gamer is completely up to the individual. Prefer leveling over endgame… whatever it is that draws you to play the game makes you a true gamer.


One thought on “Weekend Recall

  1. Hehe, oops, I might be a bit responsible for that. *blush* I really hope you don’t mind, I just disagreed with the statement and it was definitely nothing personal. I love the blog and you should never stop to write what you think! And now we found out that flip-outs in frustration can get a good discussion going! 🙂

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