Bump Day: Guild Wars 2 Halloween Event


Looking forward to the weekend…

The Blood and Madness Halloween event in Guild Wars 2 started this week. This will be my first time participating in the event because I started playing GW2 in late December of last year. The GW2 community has been excited to see this event return so I hope that I will enjoy the content.


Lion’s Arch has been decorated with jack-o-lanterns, bails of hay, luminescent bats and floating candles. The city is not overly decorated, but it still fits the season. GW2 has a day/night cycle and I did notice that the decorations look better at night. The mystic forge has been transformed into a large cauldron of bubbling green goo and any Tyrian brave enough to scale the floating broken staircase can jump into the cauldron for a spooky surprise.

I started the story mission on my Charr warrior, but I quickly got sidetracked when I entered the Mad Realm. The Mad Realm contains a labyrinth in which three bosses randomly spawn. When I saw that there was an organized group farming the bosses I decided to bring in my level 75 Norn ranger packed with XP boosters to reach level 80. I still need to attempt the Lunatic Inquisition, a PvP activity, and the Mad King’s Clock Tower jumping puzzle and finish the achievements. I can not wait until the weekend.


5 thoughts on “Bump Day: Guild Wars 2 Halloween Event

  1. Is the GW2 halloween event worth seeing for someone who pretty much stopped playing GW2 a few weeks after launch and only really got to level 52 or so? I did reinstall the game and try out that super adventure box event was pretty neat, but I do always enjoy halloween events, especially the LotRO haunted barrow, which I hope is back again this year.

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