Is EverQuest Next on my Must Play list?


I will give EverQuest Next a chance, but Landmark is what I am really looking forward to, but more on that in a bit.

Unfortunately I think the public relations push is having an adverse effect on my excitement level. I know that publishers want to get the word out about their upcoming titles, but why present a bunch of information that may or may not make it into the final product. The emergent AI that was announced sounds really neat, but combined with the other game systems, will this be too much of a departure from current MMOs that gamers will be turned off? At this point in time it is a matter of too much hype versus too little information which leads to speculation in the community. What ends up happening is the game we think we are going to play is far from what SOE will be able to deliver.

I also do not need to know about the back end systems such as AI, voxels and destructible environments. Being so far away from EQNs launch date, just give me a really good cinematic. It does not even have to be rendered with the game engine. There is no way I am the only one who decided to play World of Warcraft because of the cinematic. I miss the days of looking forward to a game and not knowing too much about it until after the game was launched.

I think MMO development should occur without the input of John and Jane Q. Gamer. But, if implemented properly Landmark could be a game changer in the industry. I am an FPS gamer at heart and through the years I have created maps for Doom, Counter-Strike, Day of Defeat and Medal of Honor. Anyone who has played Minecraft or utilizes the Steam Workshop knows that having the community see and play their content is really awesome. User created content is the ultimate in crowd sourcing for a developer and an added benefit is that it adds longevity to the game. My hope is that Landmark is more than Minecraft with really fancy graphics.


One thought on “Is EverQuest Next on my Must Play list?

  1. I don’t bother following the ‘up to launch’ hype anymore, I don’t see the point, especially when they finally tell you the release date and its like 6-8 months away. That said I will probably check out EQN as I did quite like EQ2 (although I couldn’t get past the dated graphics, I really liked all of the stuff that was in it), so I will just wait until it gets released and maybe pick it up.

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