Weekend Recall



This past weekend I was proud to be able to finish an article for the Newbie Blogger Initiative.  I had been chosen to participate in a Talk Back Challenge and write about my thoughts regarding guilds. Check out my post Guilds: What for? Please visit the other participants in the challenge; Ocho at Casual Aggro discusses the reason players join guilds and Lyle Dark dreams up the perfect MMO at Lyle’s Grind. I highly encourage any game bloggers to check out the NBI website and participating bloggers.

I continued to jump into Star Trek Online and smash the Crystalline Entity to earn my daily crystal shard. But the highlight of the weekend was spending my hard earned dilithium in order to purchase the new Fleet Avenger Battle Cruiser. I am enjoying the ship and I am constantly swapping out equipment and weapons to figure out how I want to utilize the Avenger for my play style.

My girlfriend was sick all day Sunday so I spent the day taking care of her. We watched television together, but that did not stop me from taking care of business in Tiny Tower. I am getting good practice in preparation for the release of Tiny Death Star.

I also entertained my girlfriend with random drawings using SketchBook Express. It is not a game, but it is really fun and has quickly become my favorite application on android because I can quickly get an idea out of my head and into digital format. Here are a couple of samples of what I have come up with so far. I attempted a self portrait and made a creepy Halloween inspired ghost for my girlfriend.


One thought on “Weekend Recall

  1. Awwws, so sweet! I was ill myself this week and my boyfriend took care of me… luckily he didn’t draw me anything, though, in his case that certainly would have resulted in a heart attack! 😉

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