Bump Day: Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning


Looking forward to the weekend…

I have started playing Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning (KoAR) again. Not because I am lacking for games to spend my time playing, but because this game has been sitting in my Steam library since April of 2012. In the year and half since I purchased KoAR I have a total of 40 hours played across 3 characters and none of them reached level 10. So I decided to start a fresh rogue named Caolfhin.

Kingdoms of AmalurWhat makes this play through different, from my previous attempts at tackling this game, is that I am doing the side quests instead of focusing on the story quests. In doing so I am appreciating the work put into this game. There are some locations that act like quest hubs, but I have also come across wandering quest givers which helps with immersion into a living world. Another aspect of the game I like is the constant search for loot and gold. There are crates and pottery to smash which may have gold and there are also random chests to find which have all kinds of loot. There are skills and abilities to put points into when reaching a new level. One skill I like is called Detect Hidden which improves the gold found and the ability to see hidden treasure locations on the mini-map. The abilities help with combat skills, but the points can be placed into each of the 3 fighting styles at any time.

I am enjoying the combat and exploring the world. Also being an R.A. Salvatore fan I look forward to seeing the story progress. I can not wait until the weekend.



3 thoughts on “Bump Day: Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

  1. I really do like this game. It is unfortunate what happened to 38 Studios and the planned MMO. Last I heard the assets were being auctioned off.

    I should go check to see if anyone bought them.

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