The Rant: Commenting


Part of my morning routine is to check up on the latest gaming news. I prefer a gamer’s perspective on the news so I frequent sites like MassivelyKotaku, and Gamebreaker. I like those sites because I am able to comment on the stories. So far I have had nothing, but great interactions and responses to my comments, but this past week I got a response to a comment that bothers me when I think about it. To be fair to the person who responded to my comment; I am not entirely sure they were trying to purposely insult me. Call me persnickety, but I find it hard to be serious with people online when their posts have major grammar and spelling errors.

In response to my opinion that MMOs should not be made into movies I was basically accused of being narcissistic. I am not a selfish egotistical person in real life and I certainly do not portray that kind of persona in a game. Despite the fact my opinion was being attacked, which I am fine with if the counter argument is presented politely, I take offense at someone asserting an assumption about who I am when they do not know me.

I can hear you saying, “It’s the internet. You need to have a tough skin because of all the trolls.” Trust me I understand the culture of the internet. I was studying computers before there was an internet and watched it grow into what we use today. An important lesson I have learned about interacting with people on the internet is that you never assume anything about someone until you actually meet them. The diversity of people that we are able to connect with is very broad, so it is better to adhere to the golden rule at all times.

I try very hard to make my comments free of trolling so all I ask is that others try to respond in kind and keep the discussion focused on what we are passionate about, the game.

“Treat people the same way you want them to treat you.”


2 thoughts on “The Rant: Commenting

  1. So true, that sounds like a personal insult indeed. It doesn’t make any sense anyway. At least you have your blog to blow off steam. 😀

    I’m at the happy position that I haven’t had any trolls post on my own blog yet (no, this is not an invitation!), only really nice people so far. One of the upsides of a relatively small-scale blog, I guess. ^^

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