Bump Day: EverQuest 2



In case you didn’t know you can create a level 85 heroic character for FREE in EverQuest 2 until October 15th.

I decided to jump at the chance to play EQ2 and get a level 85 character in the process because I want to get familiar with the world and the lore before EverQuest Next gets released. After creating my level 85 barbarian paladin I spent most of my time figuring out the interface and how to interact with the quest givers. A nice surprise is the pegasus mount which looks really cool and comes in handy to fly around and check out the landscape. I still need to learn how to setup my character’s skills and abilities, but I had no problem completing a couple of quests in the starting area despite the lack of specialized focus for my character.  I can’t say if I am going to put EQ2 into my gaming rotation, but having a level 85 character to work on gives me options for my play time. I do recommend that If you play MMOs and you like getting free stuff then you should take advantage of this offer, because as they say, “it’s for a limited time only.”


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