Weekend Recall


Throughout the weekend I logged into Star Trek Online to take part in the Crystalline Entity Event and earn extra crystal shards. It was easy enough to accomplish with my Federation captain in the patrol escort, but along the way I got distracted with learning how to do better damage. Not being into min/maxing I got the much appreciated help from some very kind members of my fleet.

I spent most of my time on Saturday leveling my Republic commando in Star Wars: The Old Republic. The story sucked me in and it did not take long for my character to earn his ship which allows me to do space missions. If this keeps up I may end up buying the latest expansion to max out my Sith warrior who unfortunately is stuck at level 50 with nothing to do.

On my android tablet I played Real Racing 3 and was able to purchase the BMW Z4 and purchase upgrades for the Ford Focus RS. If you enjoy racing games and have an android tablet I highly recommend giving Real Racing 3 a try.


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